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Searchers from Polytech Lille are producing biosurfactants in fermenter with the CiYOU

| 06/03/2021 |

Since December 2020, we said goodbye to one ouf our CiYOU to install it at Charles Violette Institute, Polytech Lille, in good hands.

After several months of using, Chloé and Antoine shared their experience.

The CiYOU as fermenter, for what ?

“Thanks to the the CiYOU, we produce secondary metabolites from bacteria. We are developing bioprocess at benchtop scale for biosurfactant synthesis. Today, the CiYOU is dedicated to bacteria culture but we plan to test other micro-organisms, a fragile one.”

Yes ! Bioréa has a strong background with microalgaes, but this is mainly a patented technology for your fermentations. Bacteria, yeast, microalgae, animal or vegetal cells,

Cultivate it Yourself !

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That’s make the difference compared to bioreactors you already had ?

Culture of fragile micro-organisms

“The technology allows to test fragile cultures,  sensitive to shearing forces, which we couldn’t do with conventional fermenters (mechanical stirring).”

Bacterial growth

“We observe a satisfying bacteria growth in that fermenter, at least comparable to what we have in flask. “

Secondary metabolites recover

“One thing is interesting for us in our culture: the foam! The agitation with the air (Airlift) promotes this production and we can easily recover our biosurfactants. “

An easy monitoring with the CiYOU : approved?

Polytech Lille

“The monitoring is super easy! There is a huge difference between fermenters we had in lab and the CiYOU! The handling is ultrafast, everything is intuitive, the software, the assembly and the disassembly of the fermenter as well.”

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Compatible for different assembly, from conventional to atypic: what do you think?

“Indeed, the CiYOU allows to be adaptable. We set up an easy installation to recover the foam. It’s also very easy to add or recover other compounds thanks to the many available connections. “

IMG 80081
Thank you for your testimony Chloé and Antoine.
We wish you wonderful adventure and great projects.
CiYOU soon ! 😉
On your marks, ready? … Bubble up! 
You too, adopt the CiYOU

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